of Mandaic-Aramaic Terms used by the Order of Nazorean Essenes by Abba Yesai Nasrai.

 Abatur, Abathur - A judge of the dead honored by the Order of O:N:E:..
 Abba - Father (Head of a Monastery)
 Adam Kasia, Adakias - An archetypal portayal of the perfect man. Compare with the qabbalistic Adam Qadmon - the
 archetypal man. Female counterpart is Hava Kasia. (Column of Glory of Mani.)
 Ahaba d Mania - The Giving of Garments. A form of Zidqa brikha for those who have died not wearing the ritual garment. Compare the Mormon Temple rite of "robing" performed in "Work for the dead".
 Ahrima - An excommuicated soul. (compare with the evil Ahriman)
 Alaha - A word meaning God.(Compare the Moslem Allah)
 Alahia - A word meaning Gods.
 Alma - Age or eternity.
 Almayya - Worlds, usually outer worlds of darkness.
 Ama - People or nation.
 Amanil -Immanuel, Aumen-el (Jesus)
 Amarit - Mother Earth
 Amin - Faithful One.A title of God used by the Order of Nazorean Essenes.
 Amta - Maiden
 Amun'il - Faithful One (variant spelling).
 Anana - Cloud, spouse
 Andashta - Meditation
 Andiruna - A ritual hut built for marriage rites and the consecration of a priest. Compare the sukhot booths of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles and the ritual heirogamos huts of Egypt and other ancient cultures.
 Anhura - Light. Lunar light opposed to solar "ziwa" light. Also Noohra and N'hurah..
 Aniuta - Answer, reponse (to the call of life!)
 Anpia - Face, early dawn.
 Anush, Anosh, Anos, Anus, Anush-Uthra - One of the 3 Great Uthra-Buddhas
 Arabata - sponor, ritual food trays.
 Arasa - Betrothal, horoscope casting for marriage.
 Arba - Mixture, mixing bowl, ferry, boat.
 Arshaita - Archons, evil gods.
 Aruana - Ark, cjest, coffer.
 Asamta - Laying on of hands
 Ashganda - Deacon.
 Ashuat - Seventh day, sabbath.
 Asia - He healed, healer, Essene
 Asian - Healers, Essenes (Asian = Esian = Essene)
 Asmata - Glittering shining star light.
 Aspar Hilmia - Book of Dreams..
 Āsualia - Novice, the elect priests. The preservers of the Nasorean tradition, which is the cornerstone of Mandeic religiousity.

 Ba - (Ab). The Great Father - Abba.
 Baba - Gate, portal, sect.
 Baita - The House (this world)
 Baraya - Exorcist
 Baruka - Blesser
 Basqarta - Knowledge, aquaintance (gnosis)
 Bataya - Householder, married housedweller
 Bhir, Bhira - Elect, chosen
 Birqa - Flash of Lightning
 Bit Ginzia - Library
 Bit Mqadsia - Jewish Temple
 Bit Nitupta - House of Pre-existence
 Bnia-Amin - Temple Order on Mt Karmel (=13°-24°'s of Nazirutha)
 Braka - Benediction
 Bria - Natural condition, health.
 Brihi - Fire-Saucer.
 Bukra - Firstborn
 Bura - Uncultivated land or person.
 Burzina - Turban.
 Bustambaya - Farmer, head gardener
 Butha - Petition, prayer, a section in the Book of Devotions.
 Buzrana - Semen, seed

 Da - Dirka - "the way" or "law". Dharma.
 Dakata - Purity.
 Dakia - Pure, clean.
 Danas - Greedy person.
 Dandumia - Grumble, whisper, conspire.
 Daraga - Portal.
 Dashtana - Mense, monthly blood.
 Deywa - Daiwa, a div, an evil Spirit. (note the similarity to the Parthian Daeva and the Sanskit Deva.)
 Dina - Religious law.
 Diqata - Visions, appearances, dreams.
 Dirga - Steps, degrees.
 Dirga d-Nazirutha - 32°'s Degrees of Nazirutha.
 Dirka - Way, road, path.
 Dirka dHiya - Road of Life.
 Disa - Rapture, door, entrance..
 Diwan - Scroll.
 Dmu, Dmut - Double, counterpart, twin, likeness, archetype.
 Dmut Hiya - Heavenly Mother, coutnerpart of Life.
 Dna, Dania - Prostrate, submission, worship.
 Drabsha - A banner, standard. Also a ray of light. (the name of the sacramental banners used at different Mandaean rituals
 and ceremonies). This is the cross errected by miqvah pools upon which is hung the white scarf.
 Drasha - Teaching, doctrine, chant.
 Dukhrana - Mention, remembrance by mentioning.
 Dukia - Ritual cleanliness, purity.
 Dumaya - Angel of Death

 Eesho, Oshu, Osu - Yeshua the Nazorean (Jesus)
 Eh - ("This Letter is so sacred that it is not much employed. It represents the Eye of God.")

 Fatira - The round unleavened sacred bread at the ritual meals for the dead. The word means also departed.
 Frash - A stream or river of life, possibly Siah river on Carmel.

 Ga - (I) : Gauriil Ishliha - "Gabriel the Messenger." (II):Gimra anat Gmira - "Perfection thou art Perfect."
 Galgla - Globe, sphere.
 Galyuta - Revelation, clarity, revealed and hidden things.
 Ganzibra - Head Priest, or Bishop. Treasurer. Restricted to raw foods at certain seasons.
 Gargul - Globe, sphere.
 Garmaba - Hotbath, spa.
 Gauaya - Inner, esoteric.
 Gaura - Adultery, fornication
 Gayara - Adulterer
 Gdada - White cloth to insulate contamination or protect from contamination.
 Gibia - Chosen people.
 Gimat aria - Gematria, numerology of letters.
 Ginat 'dania - Garden of Eden.
 Ginaya - Gardener, vegetable dealer.
 Ginia - Edible root.
 Ginta - Garden.
 Ginza Rba - - the great treasure, the main sacred scroll of the Nazura consisting of a left and right side, one for the living and
 one for the deceased.
 Ginzayya - Treasurer, a Preist(ess)hood office of high rank.
 Ginzi - A scripture
 Ginzia - Rituals as repositories of light.
 Gnana - Huppah canopy over the bridal bed.
 Gnubta - Ritual uncleanliness.
 Gnuna - eager to mate, horny.
 Gumarta - Consecrated host, wafer.
 Gupna - Vine

 Ha - (I): Hiia rbia. "The Great Life" (II): Hibil Ziwa.
 Habhab - Watermelon.
 Habib - Beloved
 Habra - Friend.
 Habshaba, Habsaba - First Day of the Week.
 Hakima - Wise.
 Halalta - purification, rinsing, washing.
 Hallali - A ritually and racially pure Mandaean.
 Haluna - Vagina.
 Hamira - Yeast, leavened bread.
 Hamra, Hamara - Wine. Water in which white grapes or sultanas have been pressed out.
 Harasha - Enchanter, wizard.
 Hasumtia - Envious.
 Hatamta - Sealing, signing.
 Hawa - Eve.
 Hawan - Mortar.
 Hayasa - Compassionate.
 Hayya Rba - Great Life and the Wonderous Living Ones.
 Hayya, Hiya, Hiia - Life and the Living Ones.
 Hazaya - Seer, onlooker.
 Hibil - Hibil-Ziwa the Primal man and consort of Zahriel. (Yeshua the Nazorean).
 Hikla - Temple, palace.
 Hilma - Dreams.
 Hilqa - Fate, karma.
 Hirmiana - Ritual girdle.
 Hiwia - Serpent..
 Hizwa - Apparition, vision.
 Hshukha - Darkness.
 Htam - To seal, bind, close.
 Hudayya - Jews.
 Hukumta - Wisdom, cleverness.
 Humarta - Bead, gem, amulet.
 Husbanayya - Astologers.

 Ingirtha - Letter, a message in portable form.

 Jemali - A reed hut with a pent roof.

 Ka - (I) Klila - "The Myrtle Wreath". (II) Kushta - "Truth, right-dealing, righteous".
 Kahna, Kahnuta - Jewish Cohen priest & priesthood.
 Kana - A recepticle, congregation, The Assembly.
 Kangana - A clary ring used as a stand or a seat.
 Kaptha - Small ritual drinking bowl.
 Kapura - Unbeliever, denier.
 Karimia, Karmla, Karimla - Mt Carmel.
 Karnuba - Legumepod.
 Kasia - Secret, hidden, concealed.
 Kasuma - Soothsayer, fortune teller.
 Katuliqa - Catholics.
 Kawila - Ark.
 Kayarta - Darkness, pollution, dirty.
 Kiana - Essence, nature.
 Kibnata - Robes, cloth.
 Kidin - Yoked, (yoga?).
 Kimsa - A term denoting the Pleromah (fulness) Consummation
 Kina - Storeroom, container, resevoir.
 Kinsha - Assembly, congregation.
 Kinta - Community, constitution, gathering place.
 Kisia - Occult.
 Kiwan - Saturn.
 Klila - Wreath.
 Klula - Veil, fulness, perfection.
 Kudka - Boundary stone.
 Kuhrana - Gutter, unholy font.
 Kukba - Star.
 Kukh - Hut. (Arabic)
 Kumra - Sacraficial priest.
 Kundur - Frankincense.
 Kushtana - Sincere, having integrity. honest.
 Kūsta, Kushta - The literal meanings of the word are truth, vow and oath, and is viewed as a principle of the Godhead bestowed on just men and women in way of salvation - and denotes also the ritual act of giving the right hand and raising the initates during the Masiqta rite - as well as the sealing of a promise, wherein are given the Aidid Quishta (Kusta) ; "the hand of honour". Compare the Masonic and Mormon Hiram grip and "Patriarchal grip". Also means Sangha or community of Light.

 La - (I) Lishan - "the tongue which praises."
 Lahma - Bread.
 Laqab - Worldly "legal" name. (See Malwasha)
 Liba - Heart, mind, thought, center.
 Libat - Venus.
 Liliuk - Interpretter of Dreams. Probably Essene version of Elijah.
 Liviatan -Leviathan, Ur. (Kundalini)
 Lofani, Laufa - Communion; a ritual meal for the dead eaten by laymen.
 Lubia - Beans.
 Lulita - Embryo, a name of Simat Hiya. (Spouse of Liliukh)

 Ma - Mana Rba Kabira. - "The Great First Mind or Soul"
 Madna - Rising sign, ascendant.
 Mahiana - Life giving savior.
 Malala - Word, speech. Logos.
 Malia - Abundance, fulness.
 Malka, malaka - King, angel, spirit of Power.
 Malkuta - Queendom, territory of a priest.
 Malwasha - The religious name of the Zodiac. "Real" Spiritual name.
 Mama - Mother. Mommy.
 Mambuha, mambuga - The sacramental drink consumed in the Blessed Oblation, the Masiqta and the Masbuta rituals; it can be consecreated river-water or wine of dates and white grapes, served in a bowl from which all celebrants drink from.
 Mamia - Word, sermon.
 Mamitran - Awakener, arouser.
 Mana - Mind, spirit, vessel, entity.
 Manda - Knowledge. The name given to a dwelling, especially to the cult-hut. Equates with Sanskrit "Mandala".
 Mandai, Mandaya - The name derives from the worship of Manda d Hiia , the Great Life - and are a descriptive term of the general populace of the Mandaean communities ; another name used in arab countries are Subba or Subbi, which means one who "immerses" in Arabian. It can also be translated as Gnostic.
 Mandaic - The Aramaic language used by the modern Mandaeans and ancient Nazoreans. The Eastern dialect of Aramaic Hebrew.
 Mandayuta - Lay Gnostics.
 Mandelta - A triple betyl.
 Manharana, manhirana - Illuminator, enlightener.
 Mapiqta - Departure, death.
 Mar, Mari, Maria - Lord, My Lord.
 Marba - Womb.
 Mardmania - Of the Lord Mani.
 Margna - The Ritual Staff, made of olive-wood. Willow can be substituted. Compare the fire gazzel staff of male Egyptian Neters and the water lotus staff of female Neters.
 Mariam - Mary.
 Markabta - Ship, chariot, heavenly orbs.
 Masbana - Baptizer.
 Masbuta - Baptism.
 Masihta - Measured, annointing.
 Masiqta - The Masiqta , or raising up are primarely celebrated for the recently dead. It is a Requiem Mass. Food are eaten in the name of the dead, and a priest takes his place, as proxy, in the rite.
 Maskna, Mashkna - House of Worship = Manda, Sanctuary.
 Masqana - Means of ascent.
 Maswetta - A Mystical triple Immersion, or baptism, replete with oil anointing and a pihta and water sacramental eucharist.
 Mataraya - Watcher, purgatory dweller.
 Matarta - Purgatory.
 Matrana - Awakener.
 Matu - Mercy.
 Mawkaya - Food dispenser, feeder.
 Mayaya - Fulfiller, fulness.
 Mayirana - Awakener.
 Mazruta - Semen, seed, sowing.
 Mhita - Flaw in ritual or liturgy.
 Mia-Hayya - Water of Life.
 Mika - Soft, mild, meek.
 Mimra - Speech, saying, talk, discourse.
 Mimra dbaira - An iluminating word.
 Mininayya, minunayya, mununayya - Manichaeans.
 Miryai - hypocoristic form of Mariam, Miriam, Maria, Mary. (i.e The Gnostic title & Essene-Nazorean name of Mary Magdalene)
 Miskina - Poor.
 Misra - A furrow to shut out pollution and enclose purified areas.
 Mitia - Parable.
 Miwia - Wholesome fruits.
 Mrum - Heaven, sky.
 Msadrana - Organizer, reformer, setter in order.
 Msauzbana - Savior, deliverer.
 Mshunia Kustha - The ideal and ethereal double of the Earth, from which man was deported. Paradise.
 Muhr - Mithra as Hibil.
 Mula - Fetus.
 Mumata - Vows, oaths.
 Munayya - A Sect (Manichaeans?) .
 Mura - Authority.
 Murqa - Purging, cleansing.
 Musmana - Moslem.

 Na - Nhura - "Light".
 Nahra, Nuhra - Breath, breathing.
 Nala - Vampire.
 Napsa, Napsha - Personality, lower soul.
 Naqia - Clean.
 Naquta - Libations.
 Nasifa - Stole-like strip of white cloth or muslin, worn by the priests during ceremonies. Compare the Tibetan use of a white scarf, and the Jewish  prayer shawl, or Tallit.
 Nasra - Holy Books.
 Natra - Watchman, guardian spirit.
 Nazam - Disciplined, orderly.
 Naziruta, Nazirutha - Esoteric knowledge, gnosis.
 Nazuraya - Nazoreans, skilled in secret knowledge.
 Nbiha - Prophet.
 Nebo - Mercury.
 Nhashta - Whispered or secret prayer.
 Nhimta - Resurrection, revival, restoration.
 Nhura, Nahira, nahur (Noohra) - Light. Opposite of Ziwa. Equivalent to the Taoist "Yin". Soft lunar light.
 Niaka - Coition, coupling, sex.
 Niara - Bowl, or dish.
 Nidria - Make a vow.
 Nihga - Dawn.
 Niqubta - Female mystery.
 Nirig - Mars.
 Nishan - Portent, sign, birthmark.
 Nishimta - Higher soul or light spark.
 Nishimta - Higher soul.
 Nishum - Astrologer.
 Nisibta - Procreation, planting, bride.
 Nisrat Mdinta - Nazereth.
 Nitra - Crumbs left over from sacraments.
 Nitupta - Drop, heavenly consorts.
 Nukraya - Strange, Alien, foreign, removed by time and space.

 `,O - Ain - "the Eye or Fountain" or wellspring. (a vowel, not a guttural).
 O (A) - the Highest of all - Perfection, Light and Life, the beginning and end of all things.
 Odana - Eden.
 Okura - Pagan shrine or high place.
 Olana - Tree.
 Oma, 'ma - Mother.
 Omanuta - Calling, craft, stewardship.
 Omd - Baptism in dead water.
 Ondiruna - Marriage or Ritual hut.
 Ongirta - Last Rites.
 Oniana, 'niana - Reply, response, antiphon.
 Oria - The awakened ones. Buddhas.
 Oruta, 'ruta - Enlightenment, illumination, wakefulness. (See naziruta)
 Ostuna, Oustuna - Stump of the body.
 Osu, Oshu, 'su - Yeshua (Jesus).
 Otit - Destined, for-ordained.
 Oura - Glory, light, spendor (sun).
 Outra - Aeon, heavenly spirits.
 Oziba - Celibates.

 Pa - Pira anat Haiy - "Thou art the tree of Life"
 Pagra - Corpse, body.
 Pailis - Deceiver, Paul.
 Paisaq - Priest debarred from all priestly duties but that of performing marriage rites for women not virgin.
 Pandama - The cloth which covers the lower part of the face during some parts of ritual, or at a funeral. Later innovation.
 Panja - The five (days) before the New Year.
 Pardasa - Paradise.
 Pardisa - Pleasure gardens.
 Parsawata - Gluttony.
 Paruqa - Savior, deliverer. Used by Yeshua to describe himself
 Paruta - Orgasm.
 Parwanaia - The five intercalary days.
 Parwanqa - Messenger, guide, redeemer.
 Pasuk - Antiphon, answer.
 Pihla - Male organ, yearning for union.
 Pihta - Sacramental meal eaten in connection with most, if not all, sacraments celebrated by the Mandaeans. Similar to the host served at the Christian Eucharist.
 Pihtra - Divorce.
 Pir - Emanation, fruit (gnostic term).
 Pira - Womb.
 Pirsa - Lust, debauchery.
 Pirsha - Daybreak.
 Plugia - Discord, separation, quarrel.
 Prishuta - Discernment.
 Ptahil - Fourth Life and creator of the physical world.
 Ptula - Virgin, bachelor.
 Pura - Rage.
 Puria - Mattress, bedding.
 Purqana - Deliverance, redemption.

 Qa - Qala anat qadmaiia d' Hiia -. "Thou art the first cry of Life"
 Qabalta - Acceptance (Kabbalah, Qabbalah).
 Qabin - Marriage contract.
 Qadmonia - Primeaval, ancient, first.
 Qala - Noise.
 Qania - Bottle for sacramental water. Holy water vial.
 Qashish - Elder, revered,old, ancient.
 Qashta - Rainbow.
 Qauqa - A terra-cotta cube for holding incense.
 Qayamta - Dedicatory prayer (61 times for crown). Resurrection, restoration.
 Qina - Envy, jealous.
 Qinta - Female singer slaves. Second wife of John the Baptist.
 Qudsha - Christian sacrament.
 Quintha - A clay box stand.
 Qum - A name given to Nazareth.To stand, rise, be errect.
 Qurbana - Gift, sacrifice, offering.

 Ra - Rabai
 Rahma - Love, friend, mercy.
 Rahmia - Devotions Celebrated three times (or seven) every day.
 Rahmuta - Compassion.
 Rasta - The ritual dress, always white. Made of natural material. Embroidered with silver and gold thread at death.
 Ratna - Modern Mandaean colloquial dialect.
 Razia, raz - Mystery, secret.
 Rba , Rabai - elect priest, chief intator and the ordainer of new Mandaean priests. Holds the office known as rabuta. Compare to the Jewish "rabbi".
 Rbuta - Pride, arrogance.
 Rhum - Rome.
 Riasia - Chief men.
 Riha - Scent, prfume, incense.
 Rimza - Secret token or sign.
 Riqan - Void, empty, naked, bare.
 Rish - Head, first.
 Rishama - The minor daily and preliminary ritual ablutions.
 Rishaya - Person in authority.
 Ruha - The middle "soul" in humans. More emotional than the higher Nishimta soul, and less selfish than the lower Nephesh soul. This is the Ruach of the Qabbalah and the Ba of the Egyptians.
 Rukba - Vehicle. ship, chariot.
 Rushuma - Daily ablution, a wooden seal.
 Ruta - Illumination.
 Ruyana - Meditation, consideration, pondering.

 Sa - A roll or scroll fo bread used in ritual meals for the dead.
 S'a - S'auta abar qadmaiia. "Thou art the First Voice (sound)"
 Sa - Simat Hiia - "the mother of all life"
 Sadarta - Ordinance, set prayer, rites.
 Sadra - Sacred Shirt.
 Saliba - Cross.
 Sangara - Backbiter, accuser.
 Sararta - Image, formed object, picture, icon.
 Sarifa - Reed Hut.
 Sauma - Fast
 Sauma d-sidqa - Fast (vow) of Silence.
 Sayama - Ascetic, abstainer.
 Sayura - Canonical visitor.
 Sha - Shamish (the sun spirit).
 Shahr - Keep vigil.
 Shalmana - Peaceful, righteous, honest.
 Shamish - Sun.
 Shania - Remote, transcendant, wonderful, strange.
 Shapta - Saturday..
 Sharaita - Opening, consecration.
 Sharuya - Releaser, redeemer.
 Sharwala - pants, drawers, leggings.
 Shganda - Acolyte, servant (lit. "messenger")
 Shikinta, S'kinta - Dwelling place, monastery, cult center. Residence. (Shekinah)
 Shiryata - Deconsecration prayer.
 Shlaha - Apostle of light.
 Shlama - Peace be with you.
 Shuba - Seven (planets).
 Shubaya - Week.
 Shulita - Placenta.
 Shumaiya - Mentioning of names in Mass.
 Shura, Sura - Rule of Conduct, navel.
 Shwalia - Candidate for priest(ess)hood.
 Siba - Colored material.
 Sibia - Communicants.
 Sidqa - Silence.
 Sihma - Shining.
 Simta - Treasure.
 Sin - Moon.
 Sindirka - Palm tree, dates.
 Sipra - Book, codex..
 Skandola - Magical iron Signet-Ring. Has a snake, bee, lion and scorpion. Said to have been brought back from the
 underworld by Hibil-Ziwa on his ascention.
 Skulta - Inadvertant mistake.
 Statia - Prostrations.
 Suf - Sea at the end of the world.
 Sulita - Atone, purify.
 Suria - Idols, statues, images of gods.
 Surta - Magic circle.

 T'a - (I) Tab - "Good" (pronouned Tau) (II) "It is a bird representing the soul leaving the body to return."
 Ta - Toba - "repentance".
 Tab, Tub - Wholesome, good.
 Tabta - Healthy food.
 Tabutha - The sacred food at ritual meals.
 Tamusata - Submersion.
 Tariana - Ritual table.
 Tarmida - Priest.
 Tavis - Peacock. Author of Torah.
 Tibil - A name for the world.
 Tubanya - Blessed Ones, saints.
 Tupsa - Type, archetype, symbol, prototype.
 Tura - Mountain.

 'Uthra - A good Spirit. Archangel. Bodhisattva/Buddha.

 Wa - "Weyli!" (Wailh). "Woe to him who listens not to the language of light!"

 Ya - (I) Yowmono - "the day" (II) Yamin - "the right" - the right is symbolic of Light.
 Yadita - Knowledge.
 Yahra - Month.
 Yahta - Abortion, stillborn.
 Yalufa - A Disciple. A litterate person.
 Yardana, Jordon - Any stream or river of life.
 Yardna - Running water, river, a pool of flowing water.
 Yarqana, Yurqa - Produce.
 Yawar - Solar Divinity (3rd Envoy).
 Yum, Yuma - Day.
 Yuma dSauma - Fast day.

 Za - Ziwa. " Radiance, splendid and active Light"
 Zadiq - Just, righteous, sacred, holy.
 Zahir - Shining.
 Zahriel - Wife of Hibul Ziwa (Miryai)
 Zakia, Zakaya - Innocent, pure
 Zanga - Bell.
 Zangaya - Bell Ringer.
 Zarvan - Personified Time, a name of God from Zaruthustrianism.
 Zatan - Satan.
 Zawa - Spouse.
 Zawihta - Radiance.
 Zhap - A name given to the hill of Carmel.
 Zhara - Brilliance, glory, splendor. (= Jewish Zohar)
 Zhir, Zhira - Illuminated.
 Zhirayta - Rubrics (name insertions in liturgy).
 Zibna - Time.
 Zidqa - Ritual meals for the deceased.
 Zidqa brikha - A ritual meal for the dead.
 Zihvat Aina - Quivering wellspring.
 Zimya - Curbed, restrained.
 Ziqpa - Rising of stars.
 Zira - Seed, semen, offspring.
 Ziwa - A form of male light. Radiant like the sun. Opposite of Noohra. Equivalent to the Taoist "Yang".
 Zrazta - A scroll on which a protective charm is written.

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