Giordano Bruno
(born 1538 as Filippo Bruno)



"God is not the infinite over the universe or outside the same in the infinite, the ubiquity in all, but in highest way in all present, all immanent."

"I claim, that the universe is infinitely, that an immense number of world bodies exists: Heavenly bodies, earth's, suns."

"I believe in an infinite universe, as creation of the infinite omnipotence, since I it the divine kindliness and power for it considers unworthy if it can create innumerable worlds to have created only a finally restricted world."

"Each human being is his own center."

"Middle neither is in the universe, nor vicinity but if you want, a middle and each point are in all as center can any a vicinity is valid."

"Realization, wisdom, truth, unit, love is one and the same."

"The spirit, which grasps everything in a simple act of the visionary of 'looking', follows a mirror comparably, that lives, and at the same time so complete is, that the light, the mirror and all forms and formations are together identical."

"All the true philosophy is music or poetry and painting at the same time. True painting is music and philosophy at the same time. Maintain Poetry is a type of divine wisdom and painting."

"God Amor does me on the gates, and the noble truth teaches me understands. The Eye is my God's gate; in seeing originate from, lives, it grows, eternally, it prevails there."

"Dr. Nundinus therefore, in that het set right his weighty personality, one little the back, both, leaned back Hands of the table put, one little about itself looked, one little the tongue in the mouth laid out, the eyes of the blanket raised, at the same time with hiss fine smile the teeth showed, once again one cleared the throat little itself and spit, said in Latin: 'I therefore, I would like to assure them that we hold the Copernicus' opinion for unbelievable, that the earth moves... "

"Aristotle teaches, God is the first mover and with it creators of the universe. That is wrong. The universe is uncreated and immortal."

"Since the universe now is the one in all parts in all, so each thing includes the world soul. Everything, which in originating and Offenses, in change and changes exists, is one some, infinite, motionless substratum, matter, lives soul, True and property."

"Each organism is an image of the world organism."

"God is present in each part of the universe."
"I am somebody, that dares it, into the heart his, to penetrate even, in the consciousness, that God is near, with himt and in him, since God is the soul of the souls, the life of the lives, the essence of the essences."

"The soul will go through the undoing of the eternal change further and further and ever after improves into others or worse ways of life and fates arrive."

"The soul of the human being is the same like this of the flies, the oysters, for the plants, at all all beseelten being. Because there is not any body, that would not have share, at the world soul."

"Whoever is able to include the kindliness and beauty of the Allity it in alive understanding, is the true human being, his Morals laws will agree with the natural laws of the world."

"Moral good is, embedded itself who and lifted knows in the infinite universe."

"All the true philosophy is music or poetry and painting at the same time. True painting is music and philosophy at the same time. Maintain Poetry is a type of divine wisdom and painting."

Campo die Fiori 

Giordano Bruno is burned the Fiori lively at the 17.2.1600 on the Campo on the pyre. He said "With bigger fear announces ye maybe the judgment as I accept it." An eyewitness reports about the execution: "Giordano Bruno looked pale and pale - apparently weakened from the blood loss, that he had suffered through the bygone tortures. His arms hung down lifelessly. One had torn them from the joints as one had woven him over the wheel. Not enough with it - the shocking torture tool had down-scraped the meat until on the bones at many places." He remain himself and his philosophy loyal until into the death, and as one holds the sacred cross in front of him to the remorse, Bruno turns his Head hates to the side.

Two days later, a report appears in the Roman newspaper "Avisi di Roma": "Saturday, 19.2.1600. - The repulsive Dominican brother of Nola, on which we reported already earlier, became at the Burned Thursday mornings on the Campo the Fiori with alive body. He was an immensely obstinate heretic, that from fabricated his own intuition of deceased dogmas against our belief, particularly however against the sacred virgin and other saints. He misery was so stubborn that he was willing to die. He even said that gladly he and as a martyr will die and that his soul will rise in the flames to the paradise. Now, he will probably know, whether he the Truth said."

volker doormann   -  2003.10.04