Spring Full Moon & The Tragedy of Religions

If one looks today to the reality of religions, which claim to have their roots on Abraham, then this does express in an indigestible mixture out of astrological superstition, miracle amounted, confession amounted, historic crutch, unfathomable ethics and self-confident ignorance about the original sense of the rites together with a knowledgeable believe in that, what is to be read in the gospels, and of which no one knows, who it, when, why, and whether it was written for true. On this it is common to avoid looking advices that some rites can only practice on special moon phases only. All theses  ritual actions are connected with the state of the moon to sun and have a connection to that Exodus out of Egypt of which the ritual killing plays a role in the evening of the Passover full moon

Jesus is mentioned in the Talmudic tradition, when the son of a novel soldier and a Jewish prostitute Miriam Magdalena who was a carpenter (najjar). Jesus did miracle, healed sick and announced the finishes of world. He probably is executed, perhaps by hanging, by its characteristic request. Celsus has reported on this Jesus, son of the Pandera, or Panthera, but this Jesus has lived more than 100 years BCE. Who knows already for certain, whether and what the stories out of the gospels is truth and what poetry? Probably many do not know, that there really has existed this Ben Pandera and this Jesus. But that Jesus of Nazareth is died in AD 30 is believed that this is correct, because many say it is correct. It's written in the Bible. 

Next to scientific acumen, scientifically contradictory claims its place out of the area of the miracles precisely ace if it goes therefore to want to understand the writings. Each attempt, in the understanding, that correct of that falsified separated with scientific rational argument of to want, is maggot through objections of theologians that miracles withdraw itself from the reason, validly and persists on the general non-comprehensible ness its, what is claimed in the writings. Remaining remain advised then only, differ that in nothing of each other idol cult, God YHWH in a transportable box . ... 

"And they brought in the box of YHWH, and set it in his place, in the midst of the tabernacle that David had pitched for it: and David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings before YHWH. And as soon as David had made an end of offering burnt offerings and peace offerings, he blessed the people in the name of YHWH of hosts. And he dealt among all the people, even among the whole multitude of Israel, as well to the women as men, to every one a cake of bread, and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine. So all the people departed every one to his house. Then David returned to bless his household. And Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David, and said: ''How glorious was the king of Israel to day, who uncovered himself to day in the eyes of the slave girls of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself!' " (Sam II 6)  

.. and this actually from the Abrahamic religions is rejected. If everything was a so right, stand as written it, then, there was not any reason at all something to put in the writing and in the rites in question. It then would have to every word and every rule in the belief that this would be generally completely harmless, in the heeds every action and is followed.  

Obviously, however, there is a situation, in which each believer follows these belief rules only to one part, according to courage, origin, incomes or education and it is nobody well really clear, which things with it, why so, or is handled differently, as it says the Bible literally.  

In this situation it is meaningful, in all stories of the Bible, beside the recognizable historic things, that to examine contained hidden symbols in it, because the symbols are the only reality, that can be understood from each human being, and that can reveal a comprehensible sense, that is dependent on no blind or trusting beliefs, because carries these symbols of everyone in itself as eternal reference.  

As far as I understood this, it is for example for Christians undoubted that the physically Jesus some time after the crucifixion, with which he came to death, physically into the heaven rose. That becomes from all rational people, is claimed just like it here, as sheer nonsense marks, because it disagrees already with the simplest physical natural laws. In the context of this event, however, there are symbols, which so, one them and its meaning follows, is the space of understanding, in which a sense and a connection award, can be increased.  

For this example from the Bible, the question put what it has with the 'eclipsing of the sun' on itself as Jesus was crucified. Lukas reported: 'And it was already by the sixth hour, and a darkness came over the whole country until the ninth time, and the sun lost his appearance.' I read that a literary, dramatic super elevation should enhanced the event between exact 12 and 15 o'clock, because believing, which lies beyond the reason, always finds supporters (See for example politicians in: Pakistan, India, Israel, Italy, Palestine, Germany or U.S.A.). 

I still give some data to here, which relates to this event.  

The day, at which Jesus came bodily to death, to rise by then two days later, towards heavens is the day of the Passover. The day of the Passover is of the 14th day in the (Hebrew calendar) month of 'Nisan'. The moon month in the Jewish calendar always begins on the day, at which the sickle of the increasing moon becomes again visible in the evening after New moon. 'Nisan' is the moon month, that falls into the season, in which the days and nights are equally long in the spring, (~ March 21st) . The 14th day in a moon month is the last day before the Full moon event with it and with the 15th day the moon begins to decrease again.  

If one looks at the meaning of the Passover, then Bible argues: "And if your children will say to you: What mean ye by this service? That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of YHWH Passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And it came to pass, that at midnight YHWH smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt.

Egypt often is used in the Bible in the context of below, "there Abram moved to Egypt down that he was as a stranger there". And from the Gilgamesh-Epos (Table 12) we know the sentence: "If you want to climb into the underworld down, you must take my advice well from yourself to hearts: 'You cannot put on a pure garment; Otherwise they recognize that you are a stranger there!"  

Egypt itself - Hebrew: 'Mitzrayim' - means: Narrow places or constricted places, clink, servitude, prison. There are already parallels here, which can interpret this Egypt symbolically to 'below in a bondage under strangers'.  

It is called in another symbol of the Bible: "About midnight, I want to be through the 'Land of Egypt', and all 'firstborn' in the 'Land of Egypt' should die."

To this there is a connection to the NT in that Jesus said: "Really, really, I tell you: Unless, that somebody was born again, so he cannot see God's empire."  

The concept of the firstborn and this of the twiceborn is an old concept from the Indian Vedas and the Manu-Smriti, but also from the Jewish culture, in which the twiceborn is that, that comes after his first physical birth changing to the birth of a spiritual life. 

So, the principle is Cain, for example, [hebr. Qayin {kah'-yin}] in the Bible interconnected with property and this, which Cain did, was cultivating of the property (physical property). The principle Abel is what a spiritual teacher does for the many, interconnected with breath and this, which he did. In this story, the principle property of cultivating defeats the principle of teaching of the spiritual for the crowd.  

Maybe one is able to understand which symbolism is hidden alone in the Passover of the Jews, understanding the meaning of symbols.  

Going out from the moon, whose stand to the individual four stations - New moon = 1st day, increasing half-moon, full moon = 14 -15. day, waning half-moon = 22nd day, in which the Bible is interconnected with quite certain symbols, and which are time wise precisely interconnected with the Exodus from 'Egypt', in which the firstborn is killed, and the twiceborn ('The houses of Israel's 12 tribes) was spared and prerequisite for 'God's' empire' is, he wants to see these so.  

If the symbolism is of the physical, or the first-born with the run of the moon in the first 14 days is related, so the division of the seasons in spring/summer and autumn/winter is just as obvious in the regulation of the first moon month of in the spring beginning (Nisan) and the beginning of the first month in the Hebrew calendar in the autumn.  

But also the symbol of the Golgotha-event itself, the separation of the soul from the physical, crucified dead body of Jesus shows from the spiritual rising from this body. And maybe a symbol might be even the sixth hour of the day (from 12 hours beginning with sunrise) that the first-born dies during this half-time of the day, about after it as twiceborn as spiritual soul frees again from the bondage of the body (from down in Egypt')  to rise.  

The Bible is full to stories of firstborns and twiceborns. All VIP's of the OT of the Bible were in bondage down in Egypt and tell about rites, which symbolically draw the separation of the bodily (killing of the Passover lamb) of the spiritual, relinquishment of turned sour bread etc. for one quarter of month stipulate. One quarter of day is also the time of the sixth hour of the day until ninth time of the day; meanwhile it after the synoptic Gospels became dark. However, it could symbolize also a parallel to the 15th day of the moon month, where the moon (full moon) also then becomes darker. That the whole crucifixion history could be an imagination product, also indicates it that the story of the 'perishes' and according to the 'resurrection' ~ unites ~ days from a dark cave with a stone before it, already with John and with Marc in the secret Gospel of Marc in other however relative form was used (Lazarus). 

In this context, it gives probably also a meaning for the symbol of bread. If one understands the run of the moon over a moon month or the run of the sun over one year, as a symbol of the development and offenses of the life, then symbolizes the first 14 days from new moon in the month at what a synonym for the fleshly life is, is considered the life of the 'first birth' to be one of the Full moon. The fleshly life always has been accentuated in the myths of the Bible as inferior opposite the spiritual life. The symbol bread is as well as something sacred always been in the OT also as in the NT even if hardly anyone knows why.  

After that the 12 tribes of Israel on the 14th day of the first month had solved at the day of the full moon of their fleshly life, which symbolizes the bondage Egypt and dying of the firstborn, wins of the 15th day of the first month a meaning. Here we namely the symbol bread, as well, as Jesus did it, as he said to his students, that he didn't speak of bread but symbolizes from spiritual food or spiritual knowledge that different, than in the fleshly life, the hunger should nurse according to realization and knowledge about the spiritual dimensions, worlds or heavens and its order. It is said: "See, I want to let rain bread of the heaven for you; then, the people should exit and should collect daily which it needs so that I find out, whether it will wander in my law or not." and "there Moses and Aaron spoke to all children Israel: 'In the evening, you should find out that the man led you from Egypt" and "in everyone collects an Omer from it, so far as he may eat, for the head, after the number of your souls, one everyone takes for them, that are in his cottage. And the children Israel therefore did and collected, one much, that others little. But as one it with the Omer measured, nothing had it, which had collected much, no abundance, and was lacking it, that had collected little, but one everyone had collected for itself, so far as it might eat."

The parallel to the NT is quite obvious. And through the explicit statement of Jesus, that it is not about real bread here but about spiritual food, a clear contrast to the first 14 days of the moon run of new moon emerges until full moon.  

The horns of the bull was a symbol of the waning moon. 

Worship of the Jewish Moon God 'Sin'  is equal to the worship of the bull in the Moses myth.

In the Jewish literature, this bread is admired, dramatized and ritualized in most diverse forms. Unfortunately, this knowledge even wasted away among the Jews mainly. As show-bread it is known in the German, but also as an 'order' of 12 breads of 2 times 6 breads symbolizes it the spiritual principles of Israel's 12 'tribes', whose spiritual home is free from any bondage. Also here it becomes again clear that Israel's 12 tribes are 12 spiritual principles, of which is spoken also in the NT as the 12 baskets, after became finished full and 12 baskets still nevertheless had breads fully remaining. And also in the symbolism of the communion, that precisely between the fleshly life of the Jesus and the fleshly dying of the Jesus in the evening of the 13th day took place in the spring month Nisan that the Jews celebrate as the Passover party and that for the time of 7 days of the full moon at the 14th day of the month up to the 21st day is celebrated, and at it the unleavened bread, that then is eaten, the central meaning has, appears again this separation and killing of the 'fleshly ' from the 'spiritual life.'  

The tradition, that on the 14th day of the first moon month after the spring equinox in our present-day Gregorian calendar therefore the day of the full moon after in the spring beginning, preserved itself in the Christianity (Eastern). The time still has a spiritual higher meaning, as the fleshly death of the Jesus, after the full moon. The spiritual life that with the symbolic death of the fleshly death begins, became dramatized also from John: Jesus: "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Nicodemus: "How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?" Jesus: "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit." Nicodemus: "How can these things be?" Jesus: "Art thou a teacher of Israel, and knowest not these things?"  

One views which adventurous argument was constructed in the Christianity from this simple symbolism posthumously and something in-interprets in the Christianity of all into this spiritual symbolism, as eisegese became that the horror teaches each rationally gifted human being then wonders one which may actually proceed in the human being, that connects God supposedly with the love of truth, but probably only one personality cult, to which each real search given up according to the realization of the truth about the spiritual areas beyond the fleshly life and replaced with dull slogans, pays homage. The personality cult became so important, that over it wars is led and people quarrel as far as into the smallest areas to, men must deny their natural sexuality in vain, as misunderstood the fleshly that should be understood supposedly as inferior and godless, during the spiritual recognize, only possible is, here in this life here in this fleshly body. 

I think that this short insight into the symbolic interpretation may show, shows this connections, which will never be accessible for the jubilation-fully believing Jesus-Fan's, that left every reason in the theological, beside the historic/scientific examination.  

The belief wars will continue because the belief is regarded as more important as recognizable truth; the truth, that symbols are symbols, and that holds on an adherence meant at the beliefs at a religiously acquired preference of heaths and unbelievers at the war. That there are only people, that carry all the divine in itself, recognizing, the second birth, and the dying of the firstborn is not sufficiently known in the religions as well.  


Religion is the inner way of the human being back to the spiritual home of the soul.  

This topic becomes in many stories and myths through God, treats again after liberation, goddesses, heroes or God people symbolically, usually held these from the world of the God in an underworld with what for a certain period in slavery after a descent, strive, by means of the help of God or other mighty natures.  

This underworld is known in the Greek myths as Hades, in the northern myths as Hel or Nebelheim (German: Niebelungen) or in the Bible of the Christians, that of Torah of the Jews as below in Egypt. These stories, myths, say or fairy-tales are symbols of the inner way of the religion of the inner human being and don't have any historic relevance or meaning.  

Conversations with deities, ascent and descent in or from the heaven, or dealing deities are only literary elements in the myths that are used, in the area of the soul of verbalizing and to picture about the transcendent things. The heroes from the outstanding biblical myths from the Torah therefore are or been not the OT of the Bible any historic people either. Everything this which is to be read in the Bible and in the Torah of the Jews at stories and below in those of heroes of the myths of their stay over mythical figures like Abraham, Jacob or Moses, in Egypt  - Hebrew: 'Mitzrayim' = 'narrow places' or bondage - is told, fairy-tales, as well like the myth or the Epic of Gilgamesh from Sumer, are, that Gilgamesh with his friend En_ki_du (Sumerian: "the man's creation of the earth"), opens to escape this mortal world and that in sharing, like the story of the Noah from the Torah and the Bible from this sumeric epic to a story of the Bible, in which only other names and other details were changed or were modified in the course of the vocal tradition, became.

I think that it is the wonderful stories, in which these mythical fairy-tale figures look for the way of the soul into the divine home back and which speak to each religiously feeling human being, of very big importance to be seen these as even in search of justice, pity and deliverance of slavery, and not to claim it as historic facts.  

It became sure for each religious human being clear in most recent time, which to claim predecessors from the attempt and a scholarly belief, mythical figures, like Abraham or Moses as historic and genetic, became. Afghanistan, U.S.A. Israel, Palestina, India, Pakistan.  

All these problems and conflicts could have been avoided, if the simple insight, that the heroes of the stories from the Torah and from the OT of the Christian Bible are only fabulous heroes, so known would be, as the song of 'White Christmas.' 

I have pointed out that the Jewish culture comes from India, from whose Hindu stories and writing the Vedas and the Manu-Smriti the Semites their past and their laws first to Arabia and then to Mesopotamia, where it beside the Sumerians from 2200 B.C. lived and of those it beside the story of the Noah with his houseboat, the story of the Genesis with the tree of the life, the laws of the Hammurabi of ~1800 BCE, as cut it in stone to now read in Paris (Louvre) is and which receives in the Bible as Mosaics laws of Moses as direct from God, is claimed into the Torah took on beside many other elements from the culture of the Sumerians or the Indian from which the Semites comes. 

Everything this and more for a long time is known for those, that didn't act content with the superficial explanations of the theologians from the abrahamistic religions. 

But until today is not (!) in view that publicly of theologians, and with arguments, that explain stories of the Torah as symbolic myths, which entitle to any terrestrial claims in no way.  

If one knows, like many mad persons or wandering from the untruths taught by the religions over the historicity of the saga heroes, as derives Abraham or Moses, rights and preferred rights for itself as alleged genetic descendants - see. September 11th 2001, see Israel/Palestine, see Pakistan/India - etc. then, it falls to give an answer severely again and again.  

The Moses story is the Legend of the Sargon from Akkad in Mesopotamia in which already the story with the mountain (Sin_ai), which one can decode easily over the sumeric moon God 'Sin' as a worship of the moon God, whose symbol the sickle of the waning moon was, and that was symbolized in the horns of the bull, existed. 

Worship of the Jewish Moon God 'Sin'

The moon God's worship through the symbol of the bull is still gotten in the Bible and in the Torah. The symbol of the rising moon below also right together with the tree of the life. The moon, as it also in the Vedic writing (for example the Rig-Veda), from which it comes, has have a quite big meaning in the Torah and in the OT of the Bible one other meaning each, that was assigned to one other deity each in the Vedic writing, according to its position to the sun. 

The meaning of the different moon positions from the Indian Vedas with its deities preserved itself as a meaning for the ritual life of Jews, Christians and  Moslems until today.  

The moon God becomes unsaid in its three main aspects of Trinity: - The increasing moon, - The full moon and  - The waning moon - ritualizes. Together with the symbolic Exodus (the Israelite) from Egypt, pictures and symbols appear, which become traded to quite certain moon positions with blood and purity.  

This purity shows to itself the fleshly life (in the slavery) before the full moon been away - rinsed in the spilled blood of a pure lamb with it and in the relinquishment on turned sour bread for a certain number of days after the first in the spring full moon.  

It is the significant of the firstborn, a wedding of the bride. The willpower of the firstborn is in Hinduism the life of the twiceborn, is described of a Brahman, that studies the Vedas in outer and inner purity and lives, just like it extensively is written in the Manu-Smriti of the Hindus.  

The correspondence in the Bible and in the Torah is the misunderstood killing of all the first-born ('Egyptian') in the night of the Passover full moon.  

The Torah and the Bible tell that both Abraham as well as Jacob and Moses had to start this trip in 'Egypt' downward, whose, re -) 'ascent' until today from the Jews and in similar form of the Christians on Sunday of the first in the spring full moon ('Easter') is ritualized:  

"There Abram moved to Egypt down that he was as a stranger there; because the hunger was big in the country. And as he was near at Egypt, he spoke to Sarai (Sara), his wife: 'See, I know that you are a beautiful woman. If the Egyptians now see you, so they will say: That is his wife and will kill me and you lets live. Says, however, so, you are my sister so that it well-goes for your sake for me and I at the life remain for your sake." 

Sarasvati        *) Sarai = > Hebrew: The princess - Sara = > Hebrew: The elegant lady 

In the Indian Vedas, God has Brahma, as each God its female one opposites. The goddess is Brahma's woman and sister for Sara_swati. Probably not much imagination belongs to it, in which Sara and the Abraham of the Torah the Hindu deities to recognize Sara_swati and Brahma again, especially since in the Bible in Jos. in 24:2, it is reported:  

"Your fathers lived of Abraham beyond the Euphrates stream, Terach, before times and Nahors father, and served other Gods. There, I took your father Abraham from beyond the water and let him wander in the whole country Canaan.." 

Sarasvati is the goddess of the realization, the fertility and prosper among others. She is one this, girlish aspect, that of Trinity of three deities and what the sign of the Islam is still today carries the sign of the waning moon (ardhendu) of jewelry.  

Waning moon (in conjunction with Venus=A_star_te=Ashera=Innana) in Islam.

On the top of the  Maqam Ibrahim next to the Kaaba in Mecca one can find the symbol of the ascending waning moon.

From this it is to be too clearly recognized that the figures from the Torah or the OT are symbols or symbolic deities, completely inappropriate for terrestrial power claims, as however, they still are claimed by the religions incorrectly.  

The religious search of the spiritual home remains in the kernel, as they also exist in the Torah, in the Bible and in the Qu'ran. But face of the blindness, the pride, of the feeling of the superiority of the religions, also opposite dissenters, which led to the present circumstances, which religion misunderstood as an external action in this world - which is the 'Egypt' of the Torah -, not at all one can measure the tragedy, which has this ignorance of the sense of religion. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have their writing and recognize the common that is contained in it not. 

The symbols are understood no more and despite a long tradition of the scientific theology in the four religions of interreligious theology is more dead than dead, which misses the enlightenment over the meaning of the symbols from the writing for the individual inner religious way of the human being to the true home.  

4000 year old God despising social laws of priests (Manu_Smriti) determines the present-day understanding of religion in the Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The religions become think to that, away from what it once-once broken, the relationship at this world of the slavery, whose biblical symbol is 'Egypt' and still recognized its tragedy of them not at all, let alone is realized.


volker doormann    -  2002.10.11