Volker Doormann

My work in physics

Calculation of Optical Isolators / single mode Lasers ligth modes
CATIS - Constant Angle Transmission Interference Spectroscopy. Evaluation of dielectric tensor + thickness of thin semitransparent film from one transmission spectrum
Coherent and incoherent optical Transmission through thin films on thick substrates
Coherent Light modes in optical thin films
Elastooptical modulation techniques
Optical and Magnetooptical constants & complete dielectric tensor and thickness of thin film
Volume holography
HRXRD High Resolution X Ray Defraction: Epitaxial growth of films, single crystals, lattice constant
XRD X Ray Defraction technique: Crystal phase determination & lattice constants
X Ray relating crystal data calculations
X Ray security group 3 systems
FEM Simulation of electron movement in Vacuum tubes (OPERA3D/SCALA)
FEM Simulation of transient fluid/structure coupling of turbulent flow and elastic walls (ANSYS 7.0)
FEM Simulation of transient heating in xray anodes. (ANSYS 7.0)
Technology Process Control Software for e-beam sputtering of epitaxial films
Bi doped YIG (magn. optic) 
InSb (electron mobility)
3 (optical data storage)
7 (superconductor)
Pt (contact layer)
PZT ((PbZr)TiO
3 ) (capacitor)
Tb-Fe (magn. optic)
W (anodes) 
7 (superconductor) 
YIG (magnetooptics/microvave filters)
Ferroelectric materials
Ferromagnetic materials
Conductivity of metallic thin films (van der Pauw) 
Cryo/Vacuum technique
Electron lithography by SEM
Electron mobility in high conducting materials
Electron Spin Waves / Magnon drag effec (YIG/InSb) 
High density optical data storage by volume holography
HRXRD High Resolution X Ray Defraction technique: Epitaxial growth of films, single crystals, lattice
HTC SQUID Characterizing
FFT-Noise measurements
Inertial navigation / gyro technique
Micowave transport of Electron Spin waves in YIG
Optical and Magnetooptical constants & complete dielectric tensor
X Ray Defraction XRD /HRXRD techniques: powder / epitaxially grown films




US0004778580A [] Method of manufacturing structured epitaxial layers on a substrate


EP0000680102A1[DE] Josephson-Stufenkontakt. [EN] Ramp type Josephson junction. [FR] ...

EP0000383399A2 [DE] Planarer optischer Isolator. [EN] Planar optical insulator. [FR] ...

EP0000352857A2 [DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung von Eisengranatschichten. [EN] Process ...

EP0000252536A1[DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung eines optischen Streifenwellenleiters ...

EP0000239140A2 [DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung von strukturierten epitaxialen Schichten ...

EP0000146985A2 [DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung dünner einkristalliner ferrimagnetischer ...

DE0004414843A1 [DE] Josephson-Stufenkontakt 

DE0003904660A1[DE] Planarer optischer Isolator

DE0003825788A1[DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung von Eisengranatschichten

DE0003704378A1[DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung eines optischen Streifenwellenleiters ...

DE0003605793A1[DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung von strukturierten epitaxialen Schichten ...

DE0003343768A1[DE] Verfahren zur Herstellung dünner einkristalliner ferrimagnetischer ...


Publications         AIP 

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J-P. Krumme, V. Doormann, B. Strocka, K. Witter  et al.
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prepared by sputter epitaxy 
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B. Schneider

Magnetostatic Wave Drag on Elektrons in a Hybrid Sample of YIG and InSb

phys. stat. sol. (a)
23, 187, (1974) pdf


Testing Litton Inertial navigation LN3 computer for the Bundeswehr F104 Starfighter (1963)

Litton Inertial navigation LN3 platform for the Bundeswehr F104 Starfighter (1963)

F104 Starfighter

Litton Inertial navigation computer test crew for the F104 Starfighter (1963)

In the years 1968 -1970 I take part on the development of the inertial gyro compass PL41 (left) of high accuracy for marine boats



A final test in 1970 around Helgoland on a speedboat of the German Bundeswehr has shown a breakthrough in accuracy of gyro compass technology.

Compass PL41 testing in the North Sea around Helgoland in April 1970.
The speedboat was running manoevres at 30+ knots 4 times 84 minutes North-South 'Schuler' periods.
It was  great success of team work.

Bundeswehr speedboats (1970)

It was done  

The  compass PL41 is still - after 39 years - in production   and in use  -   p.e. in in boats from Israel .  


My Lab in 1970 measuring spin waves in YIG (Yttrium iron garnet) single crystals.  

Holographic data storage in LiNb0
3 (1976)

Multiple holographic picture storage (Movie) in LiNb0
3 (1977)


With colleagues

In a 1mm thick LiNb03 single cristal of 5mm edge lenght 109 bits/cm3 of data or 100 pictures can be stored out of focus (1978).

In March of 2011 it was said that the capacity of ferroelectrica could be several billion (1012) data points per square inch ( ~ several  1011bit/cm³ )
(Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1200605)

Volume holography very high density picture storage in LiNb0
3 about ~1012 bit cm-3 (1979)

Three volume-holograms written (from a slide) und reconstructed with the upper setup using two wavelengths from an
 Argon Laser (blue und green) and one wavelenght from a Krypton Laser (red) in a LiNbO3 cristal (Size of 3 X 4 X 5 mm). (1979)

The crystal (right) was coated with a layer, to increase the total transmission power.

Magneto-optic domain pattern from a single cristal sputtered with selected area epitaxy.
Magnetron sputtered Bi-Iron-Garnet film (0.005 mm) pixel size length 0.15 mm.
Domains show pattern of threefold garnet single crystal structure growth direction [111] using polarized light.
Picture was taken with a Zeiss

PC controled e-beam  sputter chamber for high temperature SQUID's 
Supraconducting QUantum Interference Divice (1989)


Crystal structure of YBaCuO
7 Superconductor (1995)

FEM Simulation of heat transfer into a fluid 2002

Work room for 10 years

FEM Simulation of heat transfer into a fluid 2002

FEM Simulation of thin window

Liquid-metal anode x-ray tube


With thank to all colleagues in the field