Eleanor Rigby




   I remember well the time in the late summer of 1966 when I was back from my working place late night and painting then all the night while playing the 'Revolver' LP again and again and again. There was really a spirit of the time to feel in these years which was expressed in such music as it has been created by The Beatles or in the famous 'Blowup' movie by Antonioni in the same year.

I have recorded then the cover version with my big tape recorder using tubes, in feedback mode giving some hall effect.

I never was in India. In January 2001 CE there were about 75 millions of pilgrims trading the Maha Kumbh Mela and some pictures in the video taken by Hindu pilgrims I do not know or from the web. It is just artwork enhancing both the loneliness and the multitude of people. I have added my water painting 'window' picture and a photo of mine taken in that year. The grand old Lady is known as HPB and in the shown church, they have supplied me with the books of the bible in 1957; I leaved 'the church' three years later. No more religions.

Times are changing. But I think only they, who has an open eye and an open ear to the spirit of time, can take it, like The Beatles have. I think there is another 'spirit of time' now ...






volker doormann